Tips for Trying a New Skincare Product

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Have you ever had a special occasion coming up and decided to go get something special to make your skin look like a goddess only to have sub par results the next day? Girl, we’ve been there. So we’ve found some tips to help make it so that you can find the products that will work for you and how long you should expect for results.

First, do your research. If you have sensitive skin it’s best to not buy a product that has ingredients that are too strong for you. Always check the ingredients list, both to make sure there’s something included that you know will help your skin and make sure nothing is in there that can cause problems. For myself, grape seed oil makes my skin break out, so I have to check and make sure my face/cleansing oils don’t contain that ingredient. Reviews are another source to turn to, specifically the ones that say that also have your skin type. Knowing if people who have similar skin had a good or bad reaction can really help in making your decisions.



Second, only get one new product at a time. If you have introduced several new products into your skin regimen. You could have a bad reaction and have no idea where it’s coming from. Start with one for a few days and if there are no bad reactions you can start adding additional products.

Third, take a picture. If you snap a photo when you start a new product you can compare the differences after a month or so. This way you determine if it’s worth keeping.

Forth, give it time. How long will it take before you know your new dream product is working? According to Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner to the Klog, it takes about at least month before you will see the improvements from certain ingredients.



Fifth, check the return policy before you purchase. Did nothing come about from your new exciting purchase? It happens. Which is why when it’s a product you’ve never used before, make sure the store you get it from has a good return policy. Our recommendation is Ulta. It can be opened, used, and returned. As long as most of the product is still left (the required amount left could differ from location to location) they’ll take it back with either the receipt or with your record, as long as they entered it in during the original purchase. The small amount extra at stores with forgiving policies is worth it because once you know it works for you. You can then hunt for savings.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge. We wish you the best of luck on your skin care adventures.


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