5 Great Eyeliners for the Waterline

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Quick and easy makeup that’s effective is what we’re all about at Mindy Mae’s Market. One great way to line your eyes quickly and beautifully is applying eyeliner on the water line. Some people will do the entire rim of the eye, others will only do the top eyelid. To cover our bases, if you’ve never heard of the waterline, it’s the section of your eyelid that separates your eye from your eyelashes. If you look at the picture below, it’s the part that has been covered in a yellow eyeliner.

Now, even though her waterline is yellow, most people use: black, brown, white or nude. It’s a great way to fully line, or make the eyes look bigger by using white or nude. The problem is that since we blink so much it can move and come off. The best option is a long lasting pencil that doesn’t budge and we’ve found 5 great eyeliners that will stay put.




  1. Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil
  2. Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Pencil Set
  3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes
  4. Aqua XL by Make-Up Forever 
  5. Smashbox Always on Gel Eye Liner




Main Photo: Japonesque Instagram

Waterline Photo: Linda Hallberg Instagram



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