Best Versatile Sandals for Summer

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We’re all for versatility here. After all, what’s the sense in buying shoes that you love but can only pair with one or two things from your wardrobe? We think some of the best purchases for your wardrobe are pieces that match many styles. We’ve gathered some of our favorites and best of all, most of them are under $100. So, if you’re currently looking for some new options of Summer footwear we’ve got you covered.

  1. Birkenstock Mayari Birko Flor Sandal
  2. BC Footwear Half Pint Gladiator Sandal
  3. MIA Lacey Sandal
  4. Jessica Simpson Hina Sandal
  5. Kapri Wraparound Lace Sandal
  6. Franco Sart Gia Sandal
  7. Hawaii Cross Strap Sandal
  8. Finlie Flat Sandal
  9. MIA Dannie Gladiator Sandal
  10. Florida Foldown Sandal
  11. Blowfish Heritage Wedge Sandal
  12. Yanka Sandal Women
  13. Bobbies Summer La Conquise Sandal
  14. Callisto of California Anneka Flat
  15. State Dilan Toe Loop Sandal



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